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We provide conveyancing, property and real estate, corporate, compliance & anti-money laundering (AML), estates, trusts, banking and finance legal services in Barbados. We work with local and international businesses and private clients to keep their best interests in mind during any property, real estate or commercial transaction.

Old College brings our experience and knowledge to your legal needs.


At Old College we keep foremost in our minds the delicate (and all too often stressful) nature of legal business, in an attempt to remain sensitive and empathetic to our clients’ needs.


Our partners have each been practicing Attorneys-at-Law nearly 20 years, in diverse areas of practice, thus gaining the requisite knowledge and insight required to advise our clients.


We focus our attention and services on providing in -depth legal knowledge to our clients, according to their specific requirements. Through commitment and dedication, we guide and assist you at every stage of the transaction process, while at all times seeking to build solid and enduring relationships with our clients.


In today’s fast paced and complex world, unexpected legal issues can arise at any moment. Old College provides legal services in a timely yet cautious manner, in order that clients may meet their legal commitments whilst at the same time making sound business decisions.

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Global and local market forces continue to drive changes in the practice of law. In today’s dynamic environment, our strategy at Old College is to continually reinvent our business to ensure that we continue to provide quality legal support in order to help you achieve your goals.

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